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Think beyond coffee: Some amazing uses of the coffee filters

When it comes to making a delicious cup of coffee, there are plenty of trending ways. If you are among those who love to begin their mornings with such a wonderful cup of coffee and have a lot of coffee filters on hand, you must know that the uses of coffee filters are not limited to making coffee.

So, here we're going to make you think beyond a cup of coffee and share with you some incredible uses you may not be aware of.

Some amazing uses of coffee filters

Check out these uses and make sure to do more!

Clean your glassware

Clean glassware

It's difficult, and it's frustrating to clean and completely dry off your glassware, especially when you want to do it without any trace. Water spots can be seen if your glasses are not clean and dried properly. Due to the quality of paper used in making coffee filters, they make a great cleaner and dryer for glassware.

You can control odor

From smelly shoes to odorous drawers and smelling refrigerators, all you need to do is have some coffee filter and baking soda, keep baking soda in coffee filters and close it tightly using rubber bands. Your deodorizing sachet is ready and you can place it almost anywhere. Moreover, you can add a few drops of essential oil and it will emit your favorite fragrance.

Coffee filters clean your screens

Whether it is your laptop, television, or mobile screen, these screens are more likely to get covered by dirt and dust in no time. You don't really need costly cleaners for these screens if you have some coffee filters in hand. Just like glassware, coffee filters can help in cleaning screens with ease.

Coffee filters catch ice cream drips

So, you're going out with your kids to enjoy some ice creams, well ice cream drips are possible to fall on kids and/or on the carpet if you're enjoying the time in your home. All you need to do here is to poke the stick through the center, and drips will fall into the paper.

Packing your everyday dishes

Whether you are storing glassware or fine china on shelves or parking them to move, there is always a risk of nicks and scratches. This you can prevent by placing a coffee filter between each plate, and you will be happy when you will unpack these items.

A dish-free way to serve snacks

Okay, so it's time to enjoy some quality time with your family and you're planning to watch a movie with some popcorns. Well, it's a great idea and it is even better to do it dish-free, coffee filters are perfect alternative bowls in which you can keep popcorns, candies, chips, and more.

Capture some low light photos


For those who love photography and always look for some creative ways to shoot, simply placing a coffee filter in front of your camera lens can help you capture some beautiful low-light photos.

Apply and remove polish

Which polish can you apply with coffee filters? You can apply and spread shoe polish with ease, it works really great. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to removing nail polish, again coffee filters are a perfect choice to make.

The bottom line

So, now you know some amazing uses of coffee filters, try and they are sure to make your life easier.

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