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The Clarkia Experience

Plastic mat or Chatai is an important component of your decor as it covers a large floor space. It is important to choose the correct pattern, color, and quality.

The Clarkia mats are made of recycled plastic and can be used all year round and at various spaces without worrying about dirt and water.

Pattern - The pattern should not be too busy or too simple. You also want the area to look smart, contemporary and elegant. Clarkia mat comes in a checkered pattern which is a safe choice.

Color - Our Mat is made of 4 color combinations The Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow to fit most places.

Vibrant Colors - We want you to brag about this mat, that is why we make them with vibrant colors.

Size - You can choose from a small size 4ft x 6ft up to 6ft x 9ft based on your requirement.

Durability - Made by tightly woven quality plastic pipes and low maintenance.

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Bright Colors Strong Knit Water Resistant
Colors are bright It is strong enough to be kept under furniture Since it is made of plastic, chatai is water resistant. It does not need lot of care and air dries quickly
Rs. 199.00

- Two-layered Cheese Cloth for better filtering.

- The Edges of this Muslin Cloth are closed so that no loose thread comes out.

- 18x16 inch in size

- Use as liner. can be used in baking, cheese making, curd making, Juice Straining.

- It would be easier to wrap spices gifts, herbs, handmade soaps because of the densest mesh.

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