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Well, our set of reusable bags is designed to replace plastic during grocery shopping in your daily life. Carrying even heavy loads has never been more convenient -it can simply distribute the weight. A cotton muslin storage bag will perfectly serve you.

With our bags, you can cover all of your purchases from big to small or rounded. The mesh material also allows you to produce inside the bag for rinsing; once you get home you can pop it straight into the fridge.Additionally, it serves as a great use for household purposes. 

It will increase the life of your fruits, vegetables, and groceries by manifolds. Try to use reusable produce bags instead of plastic bags, to protect the earth while taking advantage of their wide applicability.

  • VERSATILE: These unisex tote  bags are 100% cotton and degradable. It helps and keeps the environment clean by reducing the use of disposable plastic bags, best suited for carrying & storing fruits and vegetables; you can use this for other grocery shopping. It keeps your veggies trendy and makes your fridge different from others. It helps secure items firmly and makes them easily accessible
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Clarika Cotton Bags is unprocessed cotton with no bleaches, no dyes, no chemicals used. It is completely RAW AND NATURAL.The sling bag from Clarika is  made of pure cotton  and it will become your favorite kitchen accessory
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: We recommend a wash in plain lukewarm water before first use. If the smell or Brown Flecks bother you, soak the cloth in vinegar and baking soda overnight and then wash. It is easier to wash and reuse this product. Easily washed with everyday detergent, these cloths also make a great sustainable alternative to disposable paper towels
  • QUALITY & DURABILITY: These bags are sturdy and come with a convenient drawstring with extra closure. It will keep your vegetables fresh for days and is made of premium quality with unbleached cotton fabric which keeps everything fresh for a long time.  And the quality of this cotton muslin cloth will remain the same
  • USES:  You can carry these bags anywhere, either at the market or with your friends. The design of this bag looks so unique and elegant on you . This is widely used as grocery shopping bags and for other household applications.  It is easy to clean, dry, and reuse. It is also ideal for use in the kitchen with fineness and durability
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No more use of paper Or plastic bags. Make a difference and Go Green with our reusable grocery bags. You would no longer have to use those other harmful plastic shopping bags. Engage yourself with these tote bags that are sure to have a better shopping experience and storage organizer. Concerned with minimizing environmental footprint then here is a perfect multi-purpose bag for you.

This Shopping Bag by Clarika is ready for years of use. Perfect size bags for milk, grocery, vegetable with reinforced handles. The idea was to make the best alternative for the daily use of plastic bags. By choosing these Eco-friendly grocery bags,  we are sure that you will help the world in reducing plastic pollution in a big bay. These bags are lightweight but spacious enough to accommodate your long shopping list, each handle & stitch are made with extra care to make the product more sturdy & durable. Extra Long straps easily carry heavy groceries over your shoulder and for any kind of outdoor activity like picnic etc.

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