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Cotton Japanese Bento Bags for Lunchbox & Grocery Shopping-Set of 6

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: These vegetable bags are the most environmental-friendly reusable bag. We blend sustainably grown cotton fabric, which results in a durable, yet 100% compostable material. When you’re ready to replace the bags, simply bury them or add them to your compost pile. These bags are easy and good for the earth
  • QUALITY & DURABILITY: These are excellent grocery shopping bags for your daily routine. It comes with premium quality and is easy to carry around on your big shopping trips. Their sturdy handles will support the heaviest food items in your shopping cart.  You can even use them for non-food items if you’re looking for a nice tote.
  • BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE DESIGN: These bags may be functional and good for the environment and earth, but they also look amazing. Whether you’re using them to shop or to carry them with you wherever you go, our large collapsible bags make a great fashion statement. They’re amazing return gifts for your loved ones
  • CAPACITY: These grocery shopping bags are  100% cotton. These are the set of 6 cotton bags of 12 inches, 2 bags of 10 inches, 2 bags of 8-inch vegetable bags for the refrigerator; these long and strong handles ensure your bag is carried comfortably on your shoulder.
  • VERSATILE: Great for carrying more than just groceries. Use them for carrying toys, books, picnic lunches, beach/pool supplies, laundry, candy for trick-or-treating, and lots more! Makes a great gift bag too. Conveniently store in and out of the way to another place, like under your car seat or a kitchen drawer.

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