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Mastering the Art of Storing Sarees: Cotton vs Plastic Saree Covers

Women's love for saree can't be described in words. If you don't believe it, simply ask a woman why she loves wearing sarees and she'll give you countless reasons. With a saree draped on her, she adds grace and elegance to her personality, it changes her body language, the way she moves around, and it gives a boost to her already high confidence. Sarees are a personal treasure for women that needs to be stored in the best possible way. Hence, we have got you covered with a comparison between cotton and plastic saree covers, it will help you store your precious sarees with utmost care. 

Why choose cotton saree covers over plastic ones?

Here are some reasons to consider.

Prevent damage due to moisture

Most of the saree fabrics, including the expensive ones like silk, are climate-sensitive. External factors such as humidity, dust, excess light, and insects can cause permanent damage to your sarees. To maintain the rich look and elegance of your sarees, storing them in pure cotton saree bag is something that makes absolute sense.

Avoid using plastic bags as moisture can easily sneak in, and damage the color and fabric.

The environment will thank you!

It is no wonder that plastic causes significant damage to the environment, whether you are using it for bringing groceries and vegetables or using them to store your sarees. 

Cotton bags and saree covers are environmentally friendly, they are biodegradable, and they never pollute the environment.

Washable and reusable

The icing on the cake, cotton saree bags are washable and reusable, all you need is to look for the right quality and cotton covers will stay with you for a long. The best thing about cotton saree covers- they turn softer and smoother with time, offering more convenience and breathability to your sarees.

You can store multiple sarees

Without undergoing wear and tear, cotton saree covers can carry multiple sarees at a time, the fabric is so strong that you can confidently carry it anywhere.

On the other hand, plastic saree covers can't take heavyweights, they can crack from corners at any time.

Consistency and fabric

So, each time you take out your favorite saree, you would wish the fabric to remain consistent, this can be achieved with the help of cotton saree covers only. Also, cotton covers are considered the safest alternative to plastic or even paper bags. Cotton covers are durable and safe, keeping your saree fabric intact.

Pure and naturally soothing

Your designer sarees and the ones with fine embroidery must be stored properly in a soft material, and nothing offers softness better than cotton saree covers. Cotton covers are soft and natural, these covers are made without any harmful chemicals. Of course, this is not the case with cotton saree covers.

Final words

So, now when you are aware of how you can master the art of storing your sarees, find the best cotton saree covers and provide your sarees with the safety and comfort they deserve. 

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