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  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Clarika Cheese Cloth is unprocessed cotton with no bleaches, no dyes, no chemicals used. It is completely RAW AND NATURAL. And, it is the best grade cheesecloth for strainer and filter to make cheese and nut milk. Our cloth  can be washed and reused repeatedly by hand or machine, environmental protection, and quick-drying.
  • SUPER SOFT: It is 100% Cotton. It is prewashed and gets softer with every wash. It gives high-density strength to the cloth. It comes in handy for preparing food. These are so comfortable and easy to care for. You can use this in all kinds of cheese. Our every process should strive for excellence.
  • QUALITY & DURABILITY: Use this pure cotton cheesecloth in place of disposable plastic produce bags. They can hold large amounts without any use of the drawstring. It comes with the best quality and durability so that you can use this product in many other ways. it can quickly absorb water and exert its maximum effect.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: We recommend a wash in plain lukewarm water before first use. If the smell or Brown Flecks bother you, soak the cloth in vinegar and baking soda overnight and then wash. It is easier to wash and reuse this product. Easily washed with everyday detergent, these cloths also make great sustainable use to disposable paper towels.
  • Uses: It is widely used in Cheese Making, Straining, Cleaning, Decoration, and much more. Muslin Cloth is perfect for your household. You can also use this in baking, cheese making, and curd making. It is also ideal for use in the kitchen with fineness and durability. 

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