About Us

In 2017, during our time away from our hometown, a simple search for a muslin cloth to make feta cheese unveiled an unexpected journey.

My family's rich muslin cloth manufacturing and trading heritage had always made this item easily accessible back home. However, searching for authentic pure cotton muslin cloth proved surprisingly difficult in a metro city. This challenge became the catalyst for the birth of Clarkia.

The prevailing options for straining food in kitchens involved nylon mesh or repurposing old clothes like handkerchiefs or cut pieces from worn-out sarees. Yet, these makeshift solutions hardly yielded the desired results. The awareness of the harmful effects of plastic-based products and items on the environment, made us take a crucial decision: Clarkia would exclusively offer pure cotton reusable products.

Our overarching mission was clear—to introduce a range of sustainable, eco-friendly products for Home & Kitchen that would positively impact both the environment and the livelihoods of those affiliated with us.

Fast forward to the present, and Clarkia stands as a testament to this vision. The story isn't just about products, it's about fostering connections—with the heritage of muslin cloth, with the environment through conscious choices, and with the women who contribute their skills to our cause. Based in India, our modest family enterprise takes pride in employing 80% women workforce.


In an era where mindless consumption is gaining ground, Clarkia's commitment to eco-friendly and reusable products is catering to customers who seek quality without compromise.

Clarkia's story is a tale of mindful entrepreneurship, where purpose and profit harmonise, enriching lives and nurturing a Greener, More Conscious World.

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