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Cotton Nut Milk Bag (Set of 2)

Cotton Nut Milk Bag (Set of 2)

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  • Material & Size: Nutmilk bags are made of 100% cotton which is completely RAW AND NATURAL. Ideal for your Kitchen. The size of each bag is 10x12 inches
  • Better than Nylon: This nut milk bag makes it so easy to strain your milk. Squeeze away and don't worry about busting a seam. The results are silky smooth and delicious and super easy to clean up after too.
  • Works like a Charm: Not just great for homemade vegan milk like almond, coconut, and pistachio (SO yummy) but use this workhorse for juicing, teas, big batch cold brew coffee, yoghurt, making cauliflower rice and so much more It evens holds up to boiling because it is unbleached cotton and won't melt.
  • Uses: Our bags are bigger and better, and can be used for MANY THINGS! Make the finest quality nut milk of course, then try our bags for cold brew coffee, filtering pulp from the juice, straining soup broth or stock, making homemade cheese, yoghurt, ghee, custard, tofu, kefir, tea, kombucha and more! Now you can make all kinds of vegan-friendly milk and drinks you can imagine! You can even make homemade ketchup and scent or flavour-infused oils!
  • Wash Care - It is recommended to rinse the Bags in mild warm water before first use.
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cheesecloth near me
Fresh Nut milk at home Vegetable Juice at home Sprouting Bag
Make a variety of fresh nut kinds of milk at home. Avoid store-bought milk that has chemicals, preservatives, and emulsifiers. The fine weave will not allow any granules to pass through. Enjoy fresh vegetable juice at home.

It can also be used for sprouting as it provides air ventilation and retains humidity for the grains to sprout.

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