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where to buy muslin cloths



  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Clarika Cheese Cloth is unprocessed cotton with no bleaches, no dyes, no chemicals added. It is completely RAW AND NATURAL. The fabric used in this cloth is 100% cotton. This is essentially a herb bag and is a great way of infusing your cooking with homegrown herbs without leaving the stems behind. It comes in handy for straining in preparing food. You can use this in all kinds of cheese
  • QUALITY AND DURABILITY: Cheesecloths are extremely versatile and can be used for a range of different tasks in the dairy industry. This cloth has an absorbent facility to facilitate easy applications. It comes with the best quality so that you can use this product in many other ways. Unlike many other cheese clothes and substitutes, it will just crumble after one use, but the Clarika Cheese Cloth can be washed and reused many times. And the quality of this cloth will remain the same.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: We recommend a wash in plain lukewarm water before first use. It is easier to wash and reuse this product. High thread count gives strength to the cloth which makes it reusable and will serve you longer. The skin-friendly outer surface of these cloths ensures more comfort.
  • USES: It is widely used in Cheese Making, Tea Bag, Yogurt Making, Filter, and Canning. Muslin Cloth is perfect for your household. It is ideal for use in the kitchen with fineness and durability. You can also use this in all kinds of cheese and clarified butter. Use this to wrap herbs, spices, and gifts which  is the most brilliant choice for all the kitchen accessories 

If the smell or Brown Flecks bothers you, soak the cloth in vinegar and baking soda overnight and then wash.


  • Cotton Strainer can be for straining milk, tea, jelly, broth, fruit, and vegetable juicing
  • Bags for spices, herbs, handmade soaps
  • Basting turkey, chicken, fish and other poultry
  • Canning, wine making, sprouting
  • Making cheese, Greek yogurt, tofu
  • Steam cloth
  • Cleaning, dusting, polishing


BONUS: Cheesecloth being unbleached and made of cotton is soft and absorbs water. You can use it to wipe glass utensils after wash.

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