Wash Care Instructions

Wash Care Instructions

Know your Clarkia products

Before moving to wash care instructions, it is important for you to understand your Clarkia products. 

100% Cotton: Clarkia cotton product are made of unprocessed cotton, no bleaches, no dyes, no chemicals are used. It's completely Raw and Natural.

unbleached cotton

Aroma: Cotton has a natural aroma that dissipates over time or with wash. It’s often described as earthy or musty. What you smell is cotton seed oil in the fabric. It's not toxic or harmful.

aroma of natural cotton

Shrinkage: Expect some shrinkage after first wash. Cotton shrinks because the tension applied to yarn during weaving of cloth is released on wash. Generally shrinkage depends on the type and thickness of cloth. In our case, shrinkage is less than 5%.

shrinkage in fabric

Brown Flecks: You can see darker brown flecks within the fabric weave. These are natural leaf and seed remnants of the cotton plant which is quite normal as it is unprocessed fabric.

How to care for your Clarkia products

Our products are made using 100% cotton, so they’re sustainable and a great alternative to single use items! But along with that, they’re also really easy to clean and can be reused for a long time!

WE RECOMMEND A WASH IN PLAIN LUKE WARM WATER BFORE FIRST USE IN THE KITCHEN. If the smell or Brown Flecks bother you, soak the cloth in vinegar and baking soda overnight and then wash.

Cold Water, Mild Detergent, and Delicate Cycle! Follow these simple steps to keep your product ready for next use.