Nut milk vs. Dairy milk: Which one should you choose?

Nut milk vs. Dairy milk: Which one should you choose?

You must have come across various articles and videos that debate on plant-based diets, going organic and eco-friendly. This particular lifestyle is increasing in popularity due to some obvious good reasons.

You will find a wide range of suggestions to make changes in your diet, and choosing non-dairy products is no exception. It's hard to cut out milk completely, it's a major staple in our diets.

Due to personal or digestive reasons, a lot of people are cutting back on dairy products, without having the need to miss out on milk as there are several dairy milk alternatives available these days.

From oat milk and soy milk to rice milk and coconut milk, there are various alternatives growing in popularity. And, it's hard to guess what next people are going to make milk out of.

So, when you go to a grocery store or coffee shop, it can be difficult to keep track or to differentiate the types of milk.

Let's break it down for you.

Nut milk vs. Dairy milk:

Today, we're going to compare dairy milk and nut milk, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Nut milk benefits

Nut Milk

  •  Nut milk or almond milk has fewer calories as compared to dairy milk. (You need to ensure that you are choosing unsweetened varieties).
  • It has lesser fat as compared to whole milk.
  • Fat content in almond milk is healthier as compared to dairy milk as this milk is unsaturated.

Limiting the consumption of saturated fats is a great practice for those who are diabetic.

  • Hence, a key benefit of choosing almond milk is that you are getting fats from a healthier source.
  • Almond milk has a higher nutrient profile.

Some disadvantages

  • It's expensive.
  • Some manufacturers use additives so as to adjust the flavour and thickness. Carrageenan is one such ingredient that is used for thickening and stabilizing, and this is linked to harmful gastrointestinal effects.
  • Almond milk, when used in recipes, can have a different behavior as compared to dairy milk as it has a completely different mixture of carbs, fats, and protein.

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Dairy milk benefits

Dairy Milk

  • Higher protein is a clear advantage of dairy milk, so if you are among those who want to fulfill the body's need for protein, dairy milk is a clear choice.
  • Dairy milk may have different fat contents, skim milk has no fat while whole milk has higher fat as compared to almond milk.
  • As dairy milk is an animal product, you can expect it to have higher protein as well as important nutrients such as B vitamins.
  • Dairy milk is a great source of calcium.
  • Dairy milk rarely contains any kind of added ingredients.

A couple of disadvantages...

A higher amount of saturated fat and cholesterol can be unhealthy.

In toddlers and infants, dairy milk can interfere with iron absorption.

A comparison...

Here, we have simplified for you to choose between almond milk and dairy milk, and we have got you covered with a detailed comparison of all these different varieties of milk, and it looks something like this.


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