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Cotton Yogurt Nut Milk Strainer

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Muslin is a plant-based fabric; it is generally Eco-friendly as this is unprocessed cotton with no bleaches, no dyes, no chemicals used in it. It is completely RAW AND NATURAL. The material used in this cloth is 100% cotton. It is made from natural fibers which recycle them rather than releasing them into the environment.
  • EASY-MAINTENANCE: These cheesecloth bags are lightweight, easy to carry and wash. Use the muslin cloth in place of disposable plastic produce bags. They can hold large amounts of bulk foods without any use of the drawstring. It will squeeze out the liquid more quickly and easily without impurities.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: We recommend a wash in plain lukewarm water before first use. If the smell or Brown Flecks bother you, soak the cloth in vinegar and baking soda overnight and then wash. This cloth bag is strong, reusable, and stable; this bag neither shrink nor deform,  use this for a full flavor and smooth taste every time It is easier to wash and reuse this product.
  • QUALITY & DURABILITY: It is the best option for everyone; it is not messy to open and close. These cotton clothes come with premium quality which will make your yogurt creamier and thicker. And it is specially designed for yogurt making. It comes in cord look to stay tight around the colander rim. And the fabric has a long-term ability to odors.
  • USES: You can use this as an oil strainer, yogurt maker. It is perfect for cheese-making. Use a colander to strain the water for making yogurt. It can make 1 Kg of yogurt when fully open and 750 gm when cinched closed. The strainer is designed to hold curd from a maximum of 3L of milk.

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